Voters glad Pence denounced Trump’s lewd comments in leaked video

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana voters were glad to see Governor Mike Pence denounce the lewd comments republic presidential candidate Donald Trump made in 2005. Video of the crude comments leaked Friday sparking bi-partisan uproar. Trump later released a video apology.

The word on the street today downtown had to do with a set of words said 11 years ago.

“I wouldn’t put it past him,” said Linda Morton-Alkire regarding Trump’s comments.

“I thought it fairly typical from what I’ve heard about him in the past,” added Jackie Hedges.

Both heard about the leaked video as well as Trump’s apology that came out hours later in which he said, “I pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never ever let you down.”

Both women agreed that Trump has likely matured since 2005 but that doesn’t mean Hedges feels he’s a completely changed man.

“I still think that he has a tendency to lean that way, just based on his comments throughout the campaign,” she said.

But even after he apologized, his running mate Governor Mike Pence released his own state.

Just hours before he boarded a plane to a fundraiser in Rhode Island, Governor Pence said he was offended by Trump’s comments towards women and that he could not condone or defend them.

“I think that was wise of him to do, but he should have done that,” said Morton-Alkire.

“In order to stay with his candidate he needed to make some kind of statement,” added Hedges.

Pence went on to say he was grateful Trump apologized and looked forward to Sunday’s debate as a chance for Trump to show what’s truly in his heart, something the Hedges and Morton-Alkire feel remains to be seen.

“It’ll be a good debate tomorrow,” Morton-Alkire said with a chuckle.