Purdue Wine Grape Team helps local wineries

We get a lesson in the wine industry with Jill Blume, Enology Specialist, Purdue University Food Science! Here’s more:


Indiana wineries produce well over a million gallons per year, making the state a top 10 producer. Purdue Wine Grape Team was launched in 1991 to hope grow the industry and advise producers. Indiana wineries produce world class wines, as seen by their success in the annual Indy International Wine Competition held at Purdue annually. Because of its length, Indiana has a diversity of geography and climate that can support a variety of grapes. Purdue Wine Grape Team is importing and researching the use of cold-hardy grapes from Minnesota, New York, etc. Indiana’s signature grape is the Traminette: cold-hardy, disease-resistant, easy-to-grow grape that produces floral, aromatic white wine that can be finished dry, semi-dry, sweet or even sparkling. The harvest came in in September and has been processed and is now being fermented.

To learn more about the Purdue Wine Grape Team, visit: www.ag.purdue.edu/foodsci/extension/winegrapeteam/Pages/default.aspx