Best Hiking Trails for Families

Strap on your boots and get ready for a fall hike! Jeanine Bobenmoyer, Digital Editor,, says shares the best places to start your journey, compete with changing leaves and all:


• Some favorites:
o Eagle Creek Park: Orange Trail runs between Orinthology and Discovery Centers. Easy 1-mile out and back.
o Fort Harrison State Park: Harrison Trace is a paved path running around the lake and through an old nursery. Camp Creek for more moderate hiking + creek stomping.
o Marian University EcoLab: Free entry, lots to explore and easy terrain.
• Hike It Baby International is a wonderful group to check out too: Meet weekly for hikes around Indianapolis and the occasional road trip

• Ways to keep small kids engaged on hikes:
o Give them a magnifying glass for up close views of nature
o Bring paper and pencils/crayons to do ‘rubbings’ of leaves, rocks or other finds
o Create a scavenger hunt

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