Social media helps locate a Colorado resident’s Lafayette HS class ring

(Provided Photo/WLFI)

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A ring found in Colorado led a Lafayette high school to look back in time to find its owner, and the mystery has been solved.

Last week, Colorado Springs police found a woman’s 1964 class ring from Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School.

A Colorado Springs detective said the owner’s storage locker was broken into and she was not sure what was taken until she saw her ring on Facebook.

Employees, including Amanda Manley, at the high school were working to figure out to whom it belonged.

“The class of 1964 had 164 students,” said Manley. “Probably around 80 women I would guess would be in that class. So yes, there are a number of people it could have been.

She looked through the 1964 year book for names and reached out to the class to see if anyone could help.

“From our records, there are three women from that graduating class that are currently in Colorado,” said Manley.

Pictures of the ring were posted to the police Facebook page to try and find the owner. The post was shared close to 2,000 times by users.

“It was nice, though, to see that so many people wanted to help,” Manley said.

Manley is the administrator of the high school’s Facebook page. She said it is rare to receive any messages. But since the police department’s post, things have changed.

“We’re a small school. Everyone’s close,” said Manley. “When you see something like this pop up in a viral post, it brings a lot of attention to us.”

Manley added, “It sounds like the person was found and that the ring will be returned.”