Triton Central HS students work to honor airplane crash victims

Luke, Emma and Lisa Borinstein of Shelbyville died in a Virginia plane crash Friday, Aug. 12, 2016.

FAIRLAND, Ind. (WISH) — Gone but never forgotten, students at Triton Central High School are working on a special tribute. They want to memorialize three students who were killed in a plane crash in  Virginia back in August.

They’re asking for donations of plastic bottle caps and lids. Those caps will be turned into benches. The benches will be placed throughout the school.

The bell rings and students rush to their next class. On the surface, it looks like a typical school. But in the halls is where it’s most evident. A couple lockers with no doors, instead, flowers have been placed inside. Meaningful notes have been placed inside as well. It’s all in remembrance of three students who lost their lives too soon.

“The first week it was really hard. It was really emotional. But, being able to see everyone together was really nice,” said senior Brooke LeMasters.

Abby Roddy who is a sophomore added, “Just seeing all of them each and every day meant something to every single person.”

The plane crash killed six altogether including siblings 19-year old Luke and 15-year old Emma Borinstein, their mom and foreign exchange student 15-year old Maren Timmerman.

“Be able to kind of think back and realize that they were, they did so much for the community, that they had so much interaction. So, they continue to have that tie with that family,” said teacher Austin Hall.

The caps will be taken to a recycling center and melted down then turned into benches. Each bench requires about 400 pounds of plastic. So far, students have collected about 700 pounds. The goal is to collect as many as possible.

If you’d like to help out, drop off donations at Triton Central High School which is located at 4774 W 600 N, Fairland, IN 46126.