Outfits that are ‘tween approved’

Shopping as a tween can be frustrating for both tweens and parents, as everything is new to them. They are going from a little girl to a teen and not many stores offer selections for this in-between phase. Jen Russell, owner of JenDaisy Boutique, suggests to let your daughter look around and pay attention to what she likes. If you have rules as far as modesty, length of skirts etc make sure you go over those before your shopping trip together.

Here are a few options that are sure to be both tween and parent-approved! (courtesy of Jenn Russell)


Lexi- our first look is a fun look that is a cute plaid trimmed top with a little scarf, skinny jeans and booties. This is an adult size small top that we have in the store. Jeans are also something that can be hemmed or altered to fit better.



Our second look is Emma: Emma is 13 but looks like she is 17 because she is tall and curvy. I also brought on her mom Amanda. These two have been shopping in my store since I opened 4 years ago. I have got to watch them shop together and Amanda has been great with Emma and helping her pick things that flatter her. We have a ton of laughs when they come in. This is what shopping with your daughter should be. Emma is wearing a T-shirt Dress from our fair trade line . T-shirt dresses have been the number one seller for us this season. Because of Emma’s height we paired it with leggings for added coverage. Most dresses can be paired with leggings. We added the olive vest for some added layering fun. This is a cute affordable outfit that the pieces can even be worn with other looks. We put Amanda Emma’s mom in our new soft sweatshirt with leggings and booties. They also are able to share a lot of things because of Emma’s height.



Florence is our third look. Florence and her mom have come to JenDaisy often. Her mom is great at listening to what she likes and allows her to try on many things. The thing is your daughter may try on 50 things and only come out with 1 thing she likes. Remember they are transitioning and trying to find out who they are in their new bodies.



Hayley is our last look of the day. She is wearing our denim tunic with our $6 leggings, and boots. We added a cute necklace and we did adjust her belt because it was not hitting in the right spot. Clothes can be easily altered to fit better so don’t be afraid to have an open mind to it if your daughter is shaped like Hayley. She is very tiny and some things just don’t fit her like she wishes. Sleeves can be hemmed and pants can be too. We can even take in the dress on the sides to fit better. So keep your mind open and don’t be afraid to Ask questions about altering something to fit better.

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