Funeral services held for woman shot and killed over marriage proposal

Wendy Sabitini was killed after rejecting her boyfriend's marriage proposal. (WISH photo)

DECATUR COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Funeral services were held Monday for a woman killed in Greensburg. Police said her boyfriend shot her when she rejected his marriage proposal.

It happened last week at the couple’s home in the 900 block of East Washington Street.

Heather Rasmus described her older sister 44-year-old Wendy Sabatini as a loving and devoted mother. She also loved running and motorcycles.

“She was an avid runner, she had a very contagious laugh she loved to ride her Harley Davidson, she loved to ride her bike,” said Rasmus.

Bikers from several motorcycle clubs escorted Sabatini to her final resting place in Logansport. Family and friends also released 44 balloons to honor her life and to raise awareness about domestic violence.

“We released 44 balloons today for her, they were all purple in honor of domestic violence,” she said. “All the family members tied a note at the bottom so whoever found the balloon will also be touched by what my sister did.”

Rasmus cannot believe her sister is gone.

“The last day I talked to my sister was on Monday the 24th because it was my birthday,” she said.

Rasmus said they talked on the phone and made plans for Halloween.

“She wished me a happy birthday and we talked about seeing each other for Sunday because Logansport has two days for trick or treating,” she said. “We were supposed to go trick or treating yesterday, together.”

But the mother of two was shot and killed just one day after that conversation. Police said her boyfriend, 43-year-old Jason Eaton is now sitting in jail for murder.

“Mistake or no mistake this was not a mistake you don’t accidentally go to grab a gun after you propose to somebody,” Rasmus said.

According to court documents, Eaton told police he was talking to Sabatini in the bedroom and approached her with a wedding ring. Sabatini told him no before he asked. Eaton told police he grabbed the gun from the nightstand and shot her.

“I never saw this side of him but the good mighty Lord has a bigger gavel than I do and he’ll get what’s coming to him,” she said.

Court documents also show when police arrived on scene, they found the victim’s 18-year-old son.

He said he came home and was having dinner and thought his mom was at work. Police found her dead in the upstairs bedroom.

A GoFundMe page has raised more than $2,500 dollars as of Monday night.