Man robbed on Monon Trail while trying to be helpful

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A victim is shaken up after three suspects robbed him as he walked along the Monon Trail Tuesday night. The suspects are still at large. It happened on Winthrop Avenue between 52nd Street and 54th Street. According to police, the victim was just trying to be helpful.

Police say the suspects asked the man if they could use his phone, so he passed it on to one of them and that’s when they robbed them.

Wednesday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood near Broad Ripple. At Bent Rail Restaurant and Brewery, they’re open for business and waiting for the evening rush of customers they call friends.

“That’s the thing about Indianapolis, there (are) pockets of really tightly knit communities. Like we’re in one right now where a lot of neighbors know each other. People are very comfortable,” bartender Ariana Brown said.

But that comfort was rocked Tuesday night when three suspects robbed one of their customers right behind the building, on the Monon Trail.

“So everyone is really festive and happy, and (the victim) kind of was like coming in, and you could just tell that he wasn’t OK,” said Brown.

According to police, one suspect asked to use the victim’s phone then ran off with it. The other two forced him on the ground as they went through his pockets, looking for money and stealing his car keys.

“Shaken up is definitely the best way to describe it. He’s a bigger dude. Especially being a male that’s tall, you wouldn’t really expect to not feel safe walking alone at night,” said Brown.

The victim was not injured in this incident. Police are now searching for those three suspects, without much information to go on. If you have any clues that could help in this investigation, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.