Clinton supporters react to possibility of Trump victory

(WISH photo)

NEW YORK CITY (WISH) — Voters in New York who are supporting Clinton say they are confident she’ll walk away with the victory Tuesday, but what if she doesn’t?

“He’s very full of hate. I think it will be very scary for everyone,” Danny Mohan said.

For some Clinton supporters the thought of Donald Trump as president is a tough pill to swallow.

“I think I’ll feel conflicted, just because I know it’s not going to end today. A lot of the feelings that people have are going to continue and get more complicated,” New York voter, Elyse Moody said.

For others, they say life will go on.

“I like Trump. I think he’s a great businessman. Just because I support Hillary doesn’t mean that I don’t think he would work to be the best president he could be,” Lisa Anderson said.

“The country will not die and it will not go to hell whoever is the candidate. It was the lesser of two evils in my mind, and so I cast the lesser of two evils,” John Manley said.

But for those working with the Clinton campaign, they said signs are looking positive, especially the uniquely high early voting numbers.

“It’s a really good sign for our campaign. The higher the early vote is, the better things look for Democrats and we are seeing early voting numbers surpassing anything we’ve ever seen before. We are on track to have the largest turnout election in history,” Clinton campaign spokesperson, Jess McIntosh said.

McIntosh said the campaign’s expectations are low for capturing Indiana’s electoral votes.

“We know it’s a tough state for us to win, especially with Pence on the ballot. But there are some fantastic Democrats running down ballot too,” McIntosh said.

But she said if Clinton does win the presidential election, Clinton is promising to work for all Americans.

“Hillary has really been closing this campaign out saying she wants to help heal the country. This has been a relatively decisive election and she wants to be a president for everybody. Those that voted for her and those that didn’t,” McIntosh said.

The Javits Center doors do not open for the Election Night event until 6 p.m. It’s unclear when we may see the first person step on stage or any other sort of organized activity.