How to measure yourself for the perfect bra fit

34A, 36C, 38D…. no matter your bra size, you may be needing a measurement that’s a little more precise and custom to YOUR body. Nicole Busch, Owner & CEO, Nicole Blair Wear, shows us how when it comes to our bra size, not all numbers or letters are created equal!


Who Needs a Bra Fitting:
-It’s been more than 6 months since your last fitting
-If you have gained or lost more than 5-10lbs
-Have had a baby within the last year
-Recently stopped nursing
-Your band is riding up (should be parallel)
-Your straps are slipping
-Constantly adjusting or tugging at bra
-Have side/front/back spillage
-Centerfront is not tacking
-Don’t feel supported


Before (left) sitting a bit uneven, has “double bubble” and did not tack in center front. After (right) she is lifted, supported, fully contained and is highlighting her tiny waist line.



BEFORE (left) is sitting a tad uneven and low. AFTER (right) she is even, lifted and highlighting her waistline and petite frame.

BEFORE (top) band is too tight, has back spillage, side spillage and even front spillage. AFTER (bottom) *fitted in a sample bra (one for try on not her exact size) you can a better fit, reduced back spillage and more support. We ordered the next size up and more after photos to come.

FILL YOUR TOP TWO DRAWERS: A guide to what you should have in your top two drawers.




Our mission is so much bigger than bras.


Nicole Busch owner & CEO of Nicole Blair Wear, an image and consulting firm. Specializing in building confidence in women, wardrobe styling and makeovers. Nicole is a bra expert who offers virtual fittings as well as in person fittings. Using a 10 point measuring system compared to the standard market, two; we help find your bra-ha moment.

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