Alaskan voter uses app to submit vote

(WISH Photo/Marcus Collins)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Did you have to deal with long lines on Election Day? A Texas company is hoping to change that with an app.

Mutual Mobile says a woman in Alaska was the first American ever to vote in a presidential race using the company’s iPhone app.

In Alaska, absentee voters are allowed to fax in their selections. The app acts like a fax machine and sends in the vote.

Its creators are hoping to make voting easier for everyone.

Mobile Mutual’s CEO said the company had to make the journey from Texas to Alaska because election laws dealing with digital submission haven’t caught up with technology.

“Alaska is the only state in which it is, the legal situation, is completely clean and clear. In every other state it’s murky. and so the challenge for us over the coming couple of years leading up to the midterms would be to begin the debate and to start getting the law very clear about how to make this possible,” said Tarun Nimmagadda/ CEO, Mobile Mutual.

KTVA-TV was part of a conference call between the voter and the division of elections Monday — and it confirmed it received her ballot and her vote will count.

The app is not yet available to users.