Grandmother glad infant is safe after police stand off

Damoine Wilcoxson was arrested after a standoff with police Monday, October 31, 2016.(Photo Provided/Boone County Sheriff's Office)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The grandmother of a seven-month-old baby is opening up for the first time after her grandson was caught in the middle of a standoff.

It happened at an apartment on North Shadeland Avenue on the city’s northeast side on October 31st.

The grandmother told 24-Hour News 8 her heart was beating so fast when she learned that her grandson was inside of the apartment.

IMPD showed up looking for the baby’s father Damoine Wilcoxson. She said her only concern at the time was for the well-being of her grandson. She’s just glad no one was hurt.

The grandmother does not want to go on camera and asked us not to share her name. She said she will never forget.

“I heard a situation was going on and my grandson was involved so I went over to the apartments at Pepper Mill where it was at and the police informed me that my grandson was in there with the individual they were looking for,” she said.

The grandmother said her daughter lived at the apartment. She was at work when police attempted to serve a warrant for 21-year-old Damoine Wilcoxson.  He was at home with the baby.

“I was just hysterical, I was crying, I was upset, and I was worried about my grandbaby because I did not know what was going on,” she said

The baby’s father is accused of shooting and killing an elderly man in Zionsville. Police believe he may also be connected to the shootings at IMPD district headquarters.

Negotiators spent hours trying to get him to come out and had to use tear gas.

“It was SWAT team I have never seen anything like that in my life, the media, cameras, helicopters, just so many police,” she said.

Police said Wilcoxson surrendered peacefully and the baby was taken to the hospital.

“I didn’t see him until they took him to the hospital they said the baby was out, the father had surrendered they took him to riley hospital to get checked out and that was my concern for him,” she said.

The grandmother said her grandson has since gone back to the emergency room for trouble breathing.

“They gave him a treatment because he has asthma and I guess from the tear gas that was all in the apartment it flared it up and made it worst,” she said.

This cell phone video taken by the grandmother shows the damage inside the apartment. She said her daughter is now moving out.

“She’s still emotionally stressed you know she was worried about her child too you know,” she said. “I don’t know just have to take it one day at a time that’s all we have to do and pray for better days.”

Police said Wilcoxson fired shots at officers during the negotiations. They did not shoot back because of the baby.