Two arrested after violent ATM robbery

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police arrested two people after a violent ATM robbery.

It happened early Friday morning at the Teacher’s Credit Union on South Emerson Drive and the brave actions of the victim may have helped police find those responsible.

The victim asked 24-Hour News 8 not to share his name, but he said he stopped by the ATM around 12:30 Friday morning after getting out of work.

He says he noticed a red car pull up. That’s when two men got out and ran toward him.

“They come running to my Jeep, pistol in my face,” he said.

He had just withdrawn $400 cash.

“They kept telling me put my hand up. I’ve got concealed carry permit, had my hand on a gun, but at that point I have a gun on my head and he keeps telling me to put my hand up and I’m deciding what to do,” he said.

The victim handed over the cash. He said he watched the two get into a red car and drive away. While calling 911 he decided to follow it.

He was also able to tell police what direction the car was going. He followed it to the area of Yazoo Drive and Oakmont Court.

IMPD responded within minutes and officers found the two suspects walking in the area.

22-year-old Surless Taylor and a 16-year-old male were both arrested.

“I was hoping I could help the police get there and capture them. People like that on the street… it’s just a matter of time before somebody ends up getting killed,” he said.