Hip and Hot Holiday Tech Gifts

Get your Christmas list, and write these down! Tech and Gaming Expert Desi Sanchez shares some “hot holiday gift ideas” that include: New electronics & tech accessories that will be on everyone’s gift list, TV Tech accessories that everyone will be talking about, unique toys to make everyone smile and explains why the gift of travel can is more popular than ever!


bDesi Sanchez is an artist, tech and gaming expert and TV host. She was once voted the face of MTV2, but she is just as well known for her work as the host of Major League Gaming’s eSports Report and as the producer and host of AIC-TV. The popular TV host also has a new tech website and has spent her career reporting on new consumer trends, whether it’s music, entertainment or video games. This experience — plus Desi’s background as a talented graphic artist — uniquely qualifies her to share some timely information with your viewers and listeners about the hot new gifts that will be hitting the market this holiday season!

Desi is the founder of GamesGeeksTech.com, and the host of Night Out, a micro series which airs across Viacom platforms (MTV, VH1, Spike, Comedy Central + more). Desi is also the host of HealthiNation’s TryOut Workout. She also produces and hosts Awaken Inspire Create (AIC-TV), an exciting new interview series featuring passionate artists & innovators, designed to motivate viewers to pursue their creative passions.

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