Church remembers elderly couple killed in Lawrence crash

Norm and Selma Elling were killed in a Lawrence crash. (Provided Photo: Holy Cross Lutheran Church)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Geist church is mourning the loss of an elderly couple who died in a crash in Lawrence.

Norman and Selma Elling died Monday following a car crash involving a Lawrence police officer who was responding to a call.

Both in their late 80s, they’ve spent decades making a positive impact on their church.

“Pastor Elling was one of my best friends, and was instrumental in helping Holy Cross become the growing church it is today,” Holy Cross Lutheran Church’s lead pastor, John Sattler said.

Pastor Sattler said the loss of Pastor Norman Elling and his wife Selma will be felt deeply within the sanctuary walls.

“Norman was a retired Lutheran pastor and served here at Holy Cross for several years as a support role, helped out with worship, making calls on shut-ins and hospital visits,” Pastor Sattler said, “He taught a weekly Bible study for 20 years and had a real strong following.”

As individuals, Pastor Sattler said they made a great impact in the 20 years they attended Holy Cross.

“But the two of them will be known most for the love they had for each other, and they were just a class couple,” he said, “Norman and Selma were wonderful people, excellent examples of what a Christian marriage should look like.”

It’s that love their family has reflected on in the last 24 hours since the crash.

Pastor Sattler said they have found at least one silver lining.

“It’s just, as sad as it is, just kind of a God thing that they went to heaven together at the same time, that was their prayer that neither one of them would have to live a long time without the other,” he said, “They loved the Lord Jesus, we know they’re in heaven and they got to go together, so it’s a thing to give praise for.”

Their funeral will take place Saturday at Holy Cross.

As for the investigation into the crash, no cause is known yet. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has been brought in to help with the investigation.