Grandmother accidentally texts Thanksgiving dinner invite to stranger

This Oct. 14, 2016, photo shows some of the food from a Thanksgiving dinner from Martha & Marley Spoon in New York. (AP Photo/Bree Fowler)

PHOENIX (WISH) – A simple text has brought two strangers together for the holidays. A grandmother accidentally invited the stranger to Thanksgiving dinner.

It all started with a group text about Thanksgiving dinner and it included, who she thought, was here grandson, according to KPHO-TV.

She got a response back from one of the numbers asking “who is this?” She replied saying “it’s grandma.”

That’s when the mystery person asked for a picture to confirm who she was.

Wanda Dench told KPHO she thought it was strange request but took the selfie anyway. The stranger, Jamal Hinton, responded back saying “you’re not my grandma, but can I still have a plate?”

Once the embarrassment subsided, Dench responded saying of course, grandmas feed everyone.

Jamal Hinton, posted the conversation online. Since then, Dench says she is getting calls and texts from people all over asking if they can have a plate too.

Dench says the offer to Hinton is still there. No word yet on the dozens of other requests.