Police investigating after woman drives vehicle into building in Broad Ripple

Police investigating after woman drives vehicle into building in Broad Ripple. (WISH Photo/Joe Melillo)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) – Police are investigating after they say a woman intentionally used her SUV to smash into two different Broad Ripple businesses.

The 20-year-old, who police would not identify, hit the Naked Chopstix and The Yoga Studio. They’re in the same place on College Avenue near Westfield Boulevard.

The Yoga Studio was hit the hardest. One store front window is boarded up. Class was cancelled earlier Monday morning, but by the afternoon it had re-opened.

At the Naked Chopstix it’s business as usual. Workers prepared their famous flaming Play Boy sushi rolls as a few customers made their way to a table.

“It’s been an average Monday, pretty slow. Luckily we didn’t have to close down due to damage,” said Josh Howe, the restaurant’s general manager.

Police said the young woman intentionally hit the building with her SUV. Howe didn’t notice any damage and business was not interrupted.

“I don’t know why anyone would intentionally drive their car into a building,” said Howe. He added, “The Yoga Studio took more damage than we did, obviously. We didn’t really have any damage. But, I’m glad.”

The Yoga Studio sustained more damage. The glass was cracked on the store front window. The front end of the woman’s SUV was smashed. Police called the damage minimal and say neither business had structural damage.

“(The) driver didn’t suffer any major injuries, but was taken to the hospital for an evaluation,” said IMPD Officer Jim Gillepsie.

The woman underwent a psychiatric evaluation, police said, although they didn’t give specifics.

“I can’t speak to what the driver’s intentions were or what was going through their head at the point in time. But, it’s an unusual circumstance either case of a vehicle going off the roadway. It’s always something to be concerned about because there could be people that get injured in the process,” said Gillepsie.

In this case, fortunately, there were no injuries.

“I’m just glad that we didn’t get too much damage,” said Howe.

At this time, the woman has not been criminally charges.