Unique Home Solutions has bath solutions for every home need

Looking to upgrade your bath? Look no further than Unique Home Solutions! Josh Brandon shares a few tips on what to look for and the best way to get the job done:

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Q. If someone is wanting to have a bath installed by Christmas is that possible?

A. Well, depending on our workload it could be very possible. In most cases, a bathroom can be transformed in just about a day. Obviously there are larger baths and requests for more intense detail but on a traditional conversion of say a tub to shower, with no hidden issues, the work and clean up can all be done within a day. We use our install crews so you can rest assured you know who is entering your home and doing the work.

Q. With the installation being that quick there probably aren’t very many options on style are there?
A. On the contrary, Unique carries so many trending new patterns, styles, colors, etc.. You are sure to find the design that you will love and will work best with your home.

Q. What about maintenance and upkeep…
A. You won’t have to buy special cleaners and spend more time scrubbing to keep my bath nice. Actually your cleaning time will be shortened. The acrylic material of our baths is pretty much maintenance free- just a daily rinsing for the most part and occasional wipe down with a soft cleaner will do the trick and the Microban coating makes them virtually bacteria free as well.

Q. So with all those options, it’s going to be expensive, right?
A. Unique Home Solutions does offer luxurious baths but don’t let that word scare you. You can’t put a price on good quality product, company owned install crews and continual customer service and these come standard with all of our baths and other products. Affordable pricing is available and you could qualify for easy monthly payments…and, we try to make the process as fun and enjoyable as possible. Just a little known fact, although most men would say they already know this, Women spend 1 year, 7 months and 15 days longer in the bathroom than men…We all spend the average of 1 hour and 25 minutes each week in the bath or shower, so why not make it as appealing and enjoyable an experience as possible.

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