Condo complex experiences uptick in break-ins

A Broad Ripple neighborhood is on edge after a string of break-ins. (WISH Photo/Howard Monroe)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) – A Broad Ripple neighborhood is on edge after a string of break-ins.

The most recent was just last night when three break-ins happened at the The Reserve condo complex.

“We were home last night when they tried to get in and I think once they realized we were home, they kind of took off out the door,” said a victim who asked not to be identified.

The victim was having the damage repaired Wednesday afternoon and installing new security measures.

He said he was home with his girlfriend when the person broke in at about 7:30 p.m.

“As soon as we realized somebody was coming up the steps she [his girlfriend] yelled. I ran towards the steps because it’s three levels and they weren’t going to see us, and as soon as they heard us they just took off,” he said.

The suspect ran towards the Monon Trail.

“It’s woken us up to the fact we need to be more vigilant as a community,” said Ivan Barratt, the president of the homeowners’ association at the complex.

Barratt says minor problems are becoming bigger issues.

“Starting with packages disappearing off people’s front porches, to now these smash-and-grab break-ins that have gotten a little bit out of hand,” said Barratt.

“I would think that we wouldn’t have to worry about that here,” said Michelle Tykvart, a homeowner at the complex.

148 families call the neighborhood on Westfield Boulevard home. They say they haven’t had issues like this in the last decade or so. They’re now mulling over how to improve security and lighting.

“It does make me kind of want a better system to be placed here,” said Tykvart.

In addition to their own security measures, they’re also asking IMPD to step up patrols.