Spark Box: Inspiring girls to be themselves

Be awesome. Be inspired. Be you. That’s the mission behind Spark Box, a monthly subscription box for preteen and teen girls. Today on Indy Style, Eleni Drake describes the company and how the products work to promote self-esteem and acceptance through themed boxes full of gifts!

Here are some tips to think about when choosing a gift for your “hard-to-buy-for” teen or preteen:


Focus on experiences. Girls just wanna have fun? For sure, but they also want to learn, explore, try new things, and spend time with you. Make special memories by gifting tickets to a play, sporting event, or behind-the-scenes tour, just for you and her to share. A favorite in our hometown of Indianapolis is touring Lucas Oil Stadium.

Think outside the pink. Yes, your girl probably has gone through phases where EVER-REE-THING is pink/purple/pastel/flowers/rainbows, and maybe she STILL loves that. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t super-love something else. Her tastes can change, and you’ll show her you see the person she is at this moment in time. So, say she’s an aspiring YouTuber, get her a gift that she’ll use while making her dreams come true.

Different is awesome. Are you guilty of asking “what’s she into these days” and then buying the 27th version of something she already has? Not this year! Your present may spark a new hobby, and something unique will set your gift apart from the rest. Does she love music? Introduce her to the world of DJing.


Go retro to make connections. What did YOU like when you were her age? Did you love your Doc Martens or collecting baseball cards? Was there a band or artist that meant a lot to you growing up? Dusting off and sharing something you loved can bring you closer and give you loads of new things to talk about (be prepared to share some throwback pics!)

Sappy? That’s ok, too. How do you want your girl to FEEL? Sometimes it’s easier to express emotions when we write them in cards or on the inside cover of a book. Yes, she might give you the patented teenage eyeroll, but you never know when she’ll need to hear those words. Speak from the heart – I support you, you’re strong enough to handle anything, I love our time together – and you can’t go wrong!

And of course…if you’re still struggling to commit on the perfect idea, take a look at Spark, a monthly subscription box for preteen and teen girls. We’re here to help take the guesswork out of gift-giving while also giving them that confidence boost they need to feel empowered.

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