Latest innovations with the Digital Answer Man


Jim Barry, the Consumer Technology Association’s Tech Guru and Digital Answer Man, showcases the latest innovations in health and fitness, smart home security and home control products, wearables and mobile products including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and virtual reality gadgets and electronics.

Jim discusses each of these product’s features, benefits and why they’re trending:

  • digital3Amazon Echo Personal Assistant (Alexa)
    • Amazon Echo personal assistant (Alexa) allows you to ask questions, play music, and control smart devices through voice command
  • Seek Thermal Infrared Camera for iPhone
    • Seek Thermal infrared camera for iPhone allows you to take high-resolution thermal images with a 32-degree field of view on your iPhone
  • Waka Waka Solar Phone Charger
    • Waka Waka solar charger allows you to charge up to one USB mobile device using solar power and also has a convenient built in flashlight
  • digital4SolTrakr Personal Health Monitor
    • SolTrakr personal health monitor allows you to measure your own stress, check your heart rate, evaluate sun exposure, take pictures remotely, and find your keys from your smart phone
  • Sony Bluetooth Speaker 
    • Sony Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to stereo-quality music on the go for up to 12 hours battery life and with water resistance for use outdoors
  • Sony Bluetooth HiRes Headphones
    • Sony Bluetooth HiRes headphones allows you to listen wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth audio devices and control your music with a Touch sensor control panel. It also features NFC easy connect for quick Bluetooth pairing
  • HTC 10X Smartphone with HiRes Audio
    • The HTC 10X is the world’s only front and back OIS camera phone that has built-in DAC converts 16-bit audio to 24-bit high-resolution sound for richness and depth
  • Egg Personal Cloud Device
    • Egg personal cloud device allows you to privately store, search, and share personal photos, videos, music and other content
  • digital1Apple Watch
    • Apple Watch allows you to track fitness and health with the integration of iOS and other Apple products and services
  • FitBit Alta
    • FitBit Alta allows you to track your fitness activity and sleep schedule then sync automatically to computers and smart devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology
  • Intel Compute Stick
    • Intel Compute Stick allows you to transform any HDMI TV or display into a complete computer and is available with a range of Intel processors
  • Allie 360-Degree Camcorder
    • Allie 360-degree camcorder allows you to take 360-degree video with 4K resolution and cloud recording as well as live streaming abilities with no batteries needed. (Has VR capabilities as well!)

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