Muncie man accused of making bomb says he’s innocent

Lionel Ray Mackey Jr. is facing several felony charges related to the case. (WISH photo)

DELAWARE COUNTY (WISH) – A Muncie man remains behind bars after police say he made a bomb and put it outside his ex-girlfriend’s home.

Lionel Ray Mackey Jr. is facing several felony charges related to the case. On Friday, he told 24-Hour News 8 that he is innocent.

Mackey says he never built a bomb and has no idea where the one placed outside his girlfriend’s home came from.

According to court documents, Mackey told police, “I (expletive) did it because I’m a (expletive) nutball.”

Those same documents also state Mackey’s current girlfriend told police she saw Mackey building something that had wires and batteries connected to a red light bulb. Muncie police say they found bomb-making materials in Mackey’s home.

“I don’t know what they found. I don’t know what they’re considering bomb-making material. I mean, I was a hobbyist. I used to have RC cars so I have all sorts of weird stuff, wires and plug ins and stuff like that,” said Mackey.

Mackey admitted there were issues with his ex-girlfriend, Margie Wolford. Court documents state she filed a protective order against him. It was granted in Nov. Mackey said he was frustrated because she would continue to call and text him.

“Why keep calling me. She is trying to stress me out and push my buttons,” said Mackey about his ex.

“I think the law is wacked out with it being one way with these protective orders. If a woman can get a protective order it should be on man and woman, not just one sided,” he said.

Although he admits to being frustrated with her, Mackey said he wouldn’t hurt her.

Mackey was recently released from prison in after an unrelated 2015 stalking case.