DVR Catch-Up: Frequency, ‘Negative Copy’

(Provided Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

Spoilers from this point on! If you haven’t watched Frequency, “Negative Copy,” go do that and we will wait right here.

2016: Raimy, at her shooting of Deacon Joe. She’s almost nonchalant about it, as she’s waiting for Frank to kill Joe, undoing her present.

1996: Frank is unconscious, with his head against the horn. Joe kicks his way out of the trunk and runs off into the woods. The other car witnesses his escape, but runs off anyway. Frank wakes up and tries to track Joe, losing him in a stream. Frank makes it home, tries to hide his smashed car, and gets caught by a very concerned Julie. She’s not exactly thrilled when she figures out that Frank was going to straight-up kill Joe. And now that Joe’s on the loose, and probably more than a little angry at Frank, Julie is in danger. And Joe stumbles home safe.

2016: Raimy returns to the police station to a round of applause. But then Satch reveals that she’s being investigated for a bad shoot, and he needs her badge. “It wasn’t supposed to go down like this…”
Raimy is getting grilled by Internal Affairs, but Gordo’s dad (Gordo Sr.) arrives and declares himself her attorney. I knew there was a reason we met him last week.

1996: “Sullivan? Your crown vic parked in the motor pool?” Uh what? Frank fast-talks his way out of the precinct checking on the status of its vehicles after a drunk at a hospital with wounds reports a guy jumping out of a wrecked police car…oh yeah…that…

Frank and Raimy chat over the ham, and Little Raimy comes in to ask him to join them for dinner. Raimy looks like she’s remembering the memory as she hears it happen, and tears stream down her face.

Frank’s still on the case, having tracked down Joe again. He’s about to kill Joe…when a church lady comes to the door to tell Joe that the church safe was robbed (the money that Frank had taken, to set up Joe). Joe invites Patty in, Frank sneaks back home, shaking his head “no” to Julie. He didn’t kill Joe.

2016: Gordo Sr. takes Raimy to the station. Things aren’t looking good. She talks to Satch about her forthcoming interrogation and…
…everything changes. Joe is alive, being questioned for another matter, and she insists they search his house. What did Frank do?
1996: Satch is asking Frank about his (smashed) car…and Deacon Joe is being lead into the station. He’s been arrested for stealing money from the church.

Ham Time: Father and daughter try to figure out when the timeline changed. When Frank stole the money, that changed the timeline. He never hid the body in the house, because the police were looking too closely. The figure that Meghan is still in danger, and probably still alive, up at the cabin.

Back in 1996: Satch is still stuck on the car. He shows up at Frank’s house, asking Julie to see the car. (Julie has had it replaced while her cousin repairs it). In 90’s throwback, she claims they watched Twister the night of the wreck. Satch flips it around to Bridges of Madison County to try to trap Frank in a lie. Frank thinks this is all about Satch and Stan, the dirty cop, and isn’t playing games. We get a little back story: In 1988, Stan and Satch get a call on a bad domestic fight, and Satch tussles with a man who ends up going off the roof. Stan helped cover and “straighten it out.” He’s been loyal ever since.

2016: Raimy gets tailgated and thinks it’s the Nightingale. She calls into the station to have the plate run…and the present changes again. The vehicle vanishes. Gotta be frustrating.

Joe has Meghan at the cabin, torturing her emotionally, blaming her for what Raimy knows.

1996: Frank has figured away out of his moral dilemma: He’s planted the money in Joe’s house and called it in. The police show up to arrest Joe.

2016: Raimy arrives at the cabin to try to find Meghan. She hears screaming in the woods, runs after it, and finds Meghan clutching Robbie, who is bleeding. Joe is nowhere to be found.

We have two episodes left—how will this play out? Will we get a nice tidy bow? Will Frank be off the hook by just having Joe arrested for robbery? Or does the tree still need chopped at the trunk?