Edge Guys has the Do’s and Don’ts for spring cleaning your HVAC Unit

Do this… don’t do that! Alan Henschen, Service Manager, Edge Guys Heating & Cooling, runs down the list of how to best care for your HVAC unit this spring!

The Do’s and Don’ts for spring cleaning your HVAC Unit
1. DO make sure your air conditioner is clear of debris. Remove any landscape that is within 18” to 2’ of the unit.
2. DON’T hose down your air conditioner. Doing this may result in pushing dirt into the unit. In addition, this is a high voltage piece of equipment; hosing it down may result in electrical shock.
3. DO check to make sure your air conditioner is level. You can perform a quick visual inspection of the risers and base pads.
4. DON’T do anything to the drainage tube or refrigerant. This should only be done by a certified HVAC technician.
5. DO scrub your floor registers with hot, soapy water. These registers accumulate dust, human and pet hair, animal dander and stray pieces of food.
6. DO turn on your air conditioner on an early spring 70 degree day. Listen for unusual noises and look to make sure the unit is draining.

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