Support local at City Market farmers’ market

Show local and eat fresh at the Original Farmer’s Market! Nathan Hill, Farm Manager, The Fitness Farm, Joe Perin, City Market, and Abigail Gerig, Dragonwood share more:

The Fitness Farm

  • Where: 2525 W. 44th, Indianapolis, IN 46228 – 24 acres on NW Indianapolis about a mile from Marion University – 10 minute drive from downtown Indianapolis.
  • Programs:
    • Forever Fit CampBegan 2011 – 6 week, affordable, fun day camp tailored for youth ages 8-12 to inspire kids to get outside, stay active, exercise, and get exposed to farm life and fresh healthy food.
    • Urban AgricultureWe operate a commercial urban farm that provides Indy grown produce to markets, and local restaurants in the metro area.
  • Events
    • Our event facility and grounds are available for:  Field Trips, Board Meetings, Retreats, Weddings, Family Reunions, etc.
    • We are planning on building a bigger event facility and barn to better accommodate the wide variety of event held on the property.  Construction is scheduled to be finished spring of 2018

The Fitness Farm


Instagram: @fitness_farm_foods 

Camp website:


  • We are both a beekeepers and maple syrup makers.
  • What sets us apart is our expertise in infusion and flavors on both sides (honey and maple).
  • Father/Daughter duo
  • We are a mobile direct marketer of artisan foods (not big box).


To learn more, visit: