Annessa’s Just One Thing: Accelerated Energy and Weight Loss

Hey! It’s Annessa, RD with your Just One Thing health tip for the week. I have a method you HAVE to try to accelerate your energy & weight loss. You know the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”?  Well, the opposite is true too! If you want to want something, the brain has to see it first.

Have you ever noticed how people will end up eating everything in a vegetable tray just because it’s out & available? This week, use that “in sight, in mind” principle to your advantage and set out your own ‘veggie tray’ during the day. You’ll be amazed that when you’re snacking…you end up eating up those plants simply because they are RIGHT THERE in front of you! What’s interesting is – once you experience how much better you FEEL snacking on your own personal veggie tray verses anything else  – then it will become a habit which means it’s a powerful part of you. Sounds funny, but I’m telling you, I’ve used it several times on patients and clients, and it works. Do it just for this week and trick yourself into healthy eating.

Remember, just one change at a time! Put this habit into place, and watch the ripple effect of the choices you make because you started this one.

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