Do these 3 things and be less awkward in any social situation

Walking into a social event, networking event, or reception can be an intimidating thing. Especially if you’re socially awkward to begin with. Some people hate walking into an event where they don’t know anyone. It almost makes them want to leave before even getting out of the car.

That’s EXACTLY the case for Lisa Mitchell, The People Reader & Founder of Power Body Language. Lisa says, “Don’t be discouraged! There are scientifically proven techniques that can help you connect quicker, have more interesting interactions, and feel less awkward in a matter of minutes!”

3 Tips for being significantly less awkward in any social situation

1) Walk in like you want to be there

Don’t have your face in your phone, offer a smile (a genuine smile, not a fake/forced smile) and warmly acknowledge people.  An eyebrow raise goes a long way towards creating a feeling of familiarity and connectedness.

2) Hang out in the “Hot Zone”

This is the area where people exit the bar and are most likely to be ready to engage in conversation. Avoid standing near the entrance where people are checking in or ditching coats etc and avoid the traffic lanes en route to the restrooms where people are focused on getting in and out with a purpose.

3)  Avoid boring small talk and ask great conversation sparkers!

Steer clear of expected questions like “What do you do?” or “How do you know the host?” and instead go for questions that give them a chance to share something they are excited about. Ask “What are you working on right now that you’re excited about?” or “Do you have any vacations planned?” These questions allow the person to talk about something they have a positive emotional response to and will more likely lead to engaging conversation instead of short, awkward answers. It gives them a little boost of dopamine and that helps them feel more connected to you and feel more favorable about your interactions.

It’s OK to feel a little awkward when you’re first walking into an event, but by using these easy techniques you can fast forward through the awkward and move straight into the awesome. It just takes a little strategy and a great conversation spark and you’re on your way to being the one everyone wants to connect with at any event.

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