Annessa’s Just One Thing: How to Eat Healthy in Just One Phrase

Check out this health tip with Registered Dietitian Annessa Chumbley!

I get asked all the time what the best way to navigate healthy eating is, probably because there are so many mixed messages out there!  To me the answer lies in one word: metabolism. Understand how your metabolism works, and the answer to healthy eating will be solved. Think of your metabolism as if it’s a small bonfire. What does this fire need to keep burning? fuel. If you don’t give it any fuel, the fire will  burn at a lower rate. Also, it can’t handle too much fuel at once. Same with your metabolism. If you skip meals, you might think you are saving yourself calories, but actually, the opposite is true- you are causing your metabolism to runs at a slower pace. But then again, if you overload your metabolism with too much food, it has to store whatever it cannot use, and that extra fuel will get stored as body fat.

So keep this phrase in mind: EAT SMALL, EAT OFTEN, AND EAT REAL FOOD. Let that be your guiding statement this week when it comes to healthful eating.  It will keep your metabolism running and keep you energized. The goal is to feel fueled, not stuffed and not starving.

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