Two women share friendship and magic in IndyFringe show

When two very different women find themselves bonding over coffee and a love of magic, what ensues? Nonsense and Impossibility! Join Lynetta Welch and Kayla Drescher on an adventure filled with laughter, friendship, and, of course, magic. The only thing we need is you!… and a fresh pot of coffee.

Performances at the IndyFringe Theatre:

Tuesday Aug 22nd, 7:30PM

Friday Aug 25th, 6:00PM

Saturday Aug 26th, 4:30PM

IndyFringe Festival 2017 promises to be more outrageous and memorable than ever, now in its 13th season. With 74 acts doing 400 shows, buskers in the street and music in the air, #IndyFringe17 will once again be the premier arts and entertainment event in Indianapolis. Hoosier artists make up 50 percent of the festival, joining performers from as far away as Canada and more than a dozen U.S. cities such as L.A., Boston, New York City and Atlanta. Fringe offers personal stories from African-American and LGBT artists, as well as music, choir, dance, magic, cabaret, variety, standup, political, improv, comedy, drama, physical and multimedia, a psychic and even a séance. It’s experimental, refined, amateur and professional… all of it unjuried, which means anyone with an act is welcome to participate. The intent is to foster diversity and most importantly, inclusion and accessibility.

IndyFringe 2017 Aug. 17-27, with a preview night at The Athenaeum Wed. Aug. 16

Tickets: $15 adult/$12 student-senior/$10 children under 12

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