Workout Wednesday: Partner up for a good workout

Let your partner lean on YOU in today’s workout with Firefighter Tim. Using your partner’s body weight and resistance, increase the level of difficulty and fun you can have during a workout. Here are some great body weight exercises that you can do together:

  1. Wheelbarrow Push-up with Squat – Partner gets into a plank.  Second partner bends at hips, picks up ankles, and holds the first partner at waist height.  Partner in push-up position can either hold plank or do push-ups.  Partner holding legs can do squats.  Both drop down contemporaneously.
  2. Hold a Plank and Jump – Partner holds a plank position, elbow height.  Other partner will jump from one side to the other over the partner’s ankles.
  3. High Five Sit-Up – Partners lie in sit-up position and interlock ankles with feet.  Both partner’s start on backs, simultaneously raise up and high five each other. Lie back and repeat.
  4. Bent Over Row with Reverse Plank – Partner lies on back with knees bent and heels dug into ground.  Hold arms in strong 90 degree position in front of chest.  Other partner straddles the first partner’s mid-section, bends at the hips,  grasps partner’s forearms and raises them toward his/her chest in a rowing motion.
  5. Plank Push-ups – One partner is in plank position.  The other partner gets into plank position on top of the first partner, placing hands on their ankles, and feet on their shoulders.  Top partner holds plank.  Bottom partner does push-ups.  Easier variation:  one partner is in plank position, other is perpendicular, placing hands on the partner’s shoulder and back and then performs push-ups.
  6. Elbow-Tap Plank – both partners begin side by side in plank, shoulder-to-shoulder.  Use outside arm to reach underneath chest toward partner and high five.  Then rotate the arms toward the ceiling, with each partner twisting his/her core until their elbows touch.
  7. Circling Leg Lifts – Both partners face each other, lying feet to feet.  Raise legs into leg-lift position.  One partner’s legs start higher than the other’s.  Begin to rotate legs around in a circular motion with partner.

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