Woman finds her ‘Love is love’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ yard sign on fire

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo police are now looking for a man they say set two signs on fire in front of people’s homes. One of the signs displayed messages about science and race. The homeowners say they want to know why the man found them offensive.

“I am sad that someone would find it offensive enough to destroy,” said Johanna Dominguez who lives on Mariner Street in Buffalo.

She says her sign which displayed powerful messages like ‘In our America women are in charge,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and ‘Love is Love’ was burned to the ground Tuesday around 11:30 p.m.

Dominguez says she put the sign up in April and thought it may be vandalized but not burned just feet away from her home.

A neighbor’s security camera caught a man walking in front of Dominguez’s home. If you look close enough you can see a lighter already on in his hand. While the surveillance video doesn’t show him setting the fire, you can see the flames reflecting off of the white car in front of Dominguez’s house seconds after he walks past.

“Thankfully I keep water on the porch to water the porch plants and I was able to put it out. I’m hurt that someone did it to me personally but I’m not surprised that something like that would happen in today’s political climate,” said Dominguez.

Just a few houses away, a neighbor’s sign was also set on fire Tuesday night. Their sign read, ‘We’re glad you’re our neighbor’ in different languages. The homeowners weren’t home but the fire was quickly put out.

Dominguez says she’s hurt but she’d like to talk to the person responsible.

“I’d like to see why he’d find it offense when it’s a message about peace and love,” said Dominguez.

Buffalo police are investigating. Dominguez says she will be getting a new sign with the same message by Friday, but she will keep the burnt sign up as well. She says she’s received a lot of support from neighbors who also now want to put the same sign in their yards.