How to take care of your vinyl collection

Brush off the dust and break out those old vinyl records. It’s time to give them new life!

Andy Skinner, Indy CD & Vinyl, shares more about trends in vinyl collection and what you can do to make them “sing”, for years to come!

Popularity Not only is the popularity of vinyl the highest it has been in years, sales of turntables and vinyl accessories have taken off as well. In a move to make the analog style fit the digital age, many products and even some of the records themselves are being made to fit our lifestyle!

Analog style in a digital age Many new LPs are being made with what are called “download cards,” so when you buy a record you also are buying a download of high quality mp3s, so you only have to purchase the album once on one format. To fit our streaming lifestyles, we now sell some turntables, or record players, with built-in Bluetooth so you don’t have to hook it up to enabled speakers with cords! We even sell the Bluetooth enabled speakers so you can go home with a turntable and speakers and you don’t need a receiver – you can also stream music from your smartphone or computer! This is a great setup for an apartment or dorm room, and also a fun way for the music lover to pull out their records without giving up their streaming devices.

Limited-edition and special rare releases Now that so many people have gotten the vinyl bug, what is exciting is rare and limited edition collectible releases! Many artists and record labels are releasing hard-to-find variants of their music on cool color, die-cut, and picture disc records! Many of these special releases cannot be found online, you have to support a local independent record store to find them. Many of these also are only available on the annual Record Store Day (in April), and Record Store Day Black Friday (in November) so plan accordingly!

Care and cleaning Indy CD & Vinyl stocks many products for the care and cleaning of your vinyl records, including brushes, cloths, cleaning solutions and storage bags, boxes and crates. We even have some Indy CD & Vinyl logo cleaning cloths with the solution already in them! Some are pretty cool looking, and all help ensure your kids and your kids’ kids will be listening to your records years from now!

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