Noblesville students explore world using virtual reality

Photo of VR glasses. (WISH Photo)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Kids in Noblesville are visiting places around the world without leaving their classroom.

The district is using virtual reality in classrooms. The virtual reality sets include viewers and an iPod that allows students to see what the teacher allows them to look at through the viewers.

There’s a set that goes around the district, but with the help of their parent-teacher organization, North Elementary was able to get a set of their own.

The school’s media specialist works with teachers to help decide the best ways to use the virtual reality with the curriculum they are teaching in the classroom.

For example, in Mrs. Seller’s third grade class, they are working on a mystery unit, using clues to find meaning in context to what they’re learning.

“They have been working on a mystery unit, so what Mrs. Seller’s and I I have been working on is taking them to the Seven Wonders of the World so they could also use those clues to solve the mysteries of the Seven Wonders of the World. So, that way it aligned with their geography standards, but also using vocabulary for decoding like longitude, latitude, the equator, so it’s really been beneficial for them in the classroom,” said media specialist Jamie Harris.

The district is also exploring other virtual reality options that are even more immersive, technology that has better graphics and even allow students to paint in 3-D.