Friends remember cyclist killed in crash

(Trevor St. Aubin/Photo Provided)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The 23-year-old man hit and killed while riding his bicycle Tuesday night in Indianapolis has been identified as Francis Feeney.

Feeney was on Kessler Boulevard North Drive at 51st Street when witnesses said he tried to signal a turn and then cut in front of a car.

As friends and family try to cope with the loss, police are working to remind both drivers and cyclists how to stay safe on the road.

“It is just not the way things are supposed to be,” said Trevor St. Aubin as he looked back at photos of his friend.

He described Feeney as a man who could brighten anyone’s day and bring a room full of strangers together. Other friends describe him as a laid-back guy who liked to make people laugh.

They say Feeney was passionate about his family and talked about them often.

The 23-year-old worked at several coffee shops in the area and hoped to one day open his own.

“The dreams he had for this city were incredible,” said David Berendt, another friend.

Those dreams were cut short Tuesday night.

“It is very tough because I see people on bicycles all the time. They are getting exercise, they’re saving gas and they have a right to be on the roadway, too,” said Sgt. Matthew Grimes with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Grimes is a lead bike instructor for the department.

His main advice for cyclists is to communicate with other drivers and be seen.

Grimes said people riding at night should put lights on their bicycle and wear bright clothing. Signaling turns and being aware of your surroundings are also important. Drivers need to do their part as well.

“Give bicycles enough room. By law, you need to pass by 3 feet or more away from the bicycle,” Grimes said. “If you need to slow down and just stay behind them until they make their turn or something, just be cautious.”

Friends said Feeney rode his bike often. They never thought something like this would happen.

“If we could all enjoy life like he enjoyed life, we would be a lot better off. He was a great dude,” Berendt said.

Police on scene called the crash a terrible and unfortunate accident.

They said the driver of the car stayed on scene and cooperated. Feeney was taken to the hospital, where he later died.