Introducing Pawgwarts: A sorting hat for your dog

Sorting houses for dogs. (WCMH Photo)

ORLANDO, Fla. (WCMH) — If you’ve ever wondered what Hogwarts House your dog might be in, you now have a way to find out.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has introduced sorting — as in Harry Potter-style sorting — as a way to show off available dogs, and they’re calling it Pawgwarts. According to a news release from the shelter, the sorting was introduced to encourage people to adopt dogs based on personality, not breed labels.

“Scientific research has proven that visual identification of dog breeds in is incorrect 70 percent of the time,” the release says. “To encourage people to adopt based on personality, we decided to show them for their individual behaviors and personalities.”

The shelter created four houses based on the ones in the Harry Potter series: Ravenpaw, Griffindog, Hufflefluff and Slobberin. Each dog is then placed in the house that matches his or her personality. For example, a dog who learns commands quickly would be in Ravenpaw, and a dog who is just happy to hang out with you would be in Hufflefluff.

Not looking to adopt a new dog? Don’t worry — you can still find out what house your current dog belongs in by taking the shelter’s online quiz.