Haunted Indiana: The Irvington Theater

Photo of the Irvington Theater. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As part of WISH-TV’s Haunted Indiana series, three WISH-TV reporters and one photographer braved the haunted theater in Irvington to look for ghosts. In the Halloween spirit Emily Kinzer, Nina Criscuolo, Marcus Collins and Joe Melillo entered into an Irvington ghost hunting academy.

Tim Poynter is the man behind “Spirit” Spirit Paranormal Investigation Research and Intervention Team. He was there to guide the academy while inside the Irvington theater.

“Sometimes they show themselves to us, sometimes they give us feelings,” says Poynter. “Everything is energy; we are energy; the ground is energy; the bench is energy, spirits are no different than what we are, they are human spirits most often.”

On that night, excited to see what spirits and energy were around, Poynter talked about how spirits, energy can be channeled into things called diving rods. The spirits we did encounter were very positive. Local historian Al Hunter says “The Irv” is a happy place for ghosts.

“I don’t think anything bad ever happened here,” said Hunter. “Nobody died in this building but this is the place where the people came to have a good time and Irvington, the spirit would have been drawn back to the places where the spirits had the most fun in.”

At the end of the night, it was left up to the professionals. Two mediums held readings for everyone in the room willing; the atmosphere was one of learning and acceptance. When going through some of the photographs things like small orbs and dots that paranormal investigators believe are spirits were found. The most interesting thing found was at the feet of the one who was most skeptical, Kinzer. You could see a cloud obscuring Kinzer’s foot. Is that the spirit of her long-lost cat Oreo? Or is it a camera flare, only you can decide.

“What means something to me may not mean something to you so it’s like learning another language,” said Poynter.