Muncie man accused of attacking woman in apartment for hours

(WISH Photo/Vi Nguyen)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — A Muncie man is being held in the Delware County Jail, accused of attacking a woman in an apartment for hours.

Police arrested 46-year-old Jason Spidel on charges of domestic battery, strangulation, intimidation, and criminal confinement.

The woman described the terrifying ordeal to police, according to the probable cause affidavit. She told officers she tried over and over again to leave the apartment, but Spidel would not let her.

Eventually she was able to get out and had someone call 911. Neighbors said they are glad she made it out alive.

“I mean, it’s scary it is because it makes you wonder, what if it would have been one of us?” said one neighbor. “I mean you never know how things like that happen.”

People who live near Cole and Ethel are shaken after learning about what happened to a Muncie woman in their neighborhood.

The investigation began last Friday when officers got a call for domestic battery. The woman told them Spidel got really drunk and began attacking her in the apartment.

According to court documents, Spidel told her, “he was going to kill her” and “hang her in the closet.” Documents show he “chased her with a screwdriver” and “an empty syringe and tried to stab her.”

The woman said, “Spidel held a pillow over her face and tried to suffocate her.” The allegations continued when the victim said “Spidel punched her in the face multiple times”

The victim told police the punch broke her tooth and caused her to bleed. Documents went on to show “Spidel pulled her hair multiple times” and “was ripping clumps of her hair out.”

The woman also told police Spidel said he was going to rape her. Documents show he attempted to pull her pants down several times and tried to cut her pants off.

“You know, I hope she doesn’t come back to it, you know, I don’t know if it was a boyfriend a friend or just a random person, but I pray she doesn’t. She gets away from it,” said one neighbor.

The prosecutor told 24-Hour News 8 at this time the case is still under review and official charging determinations have not been made.