Soccer coach and author discusses his book “The Leadership Code”

Love a good story? Paul Kapsalis, Author, “The Leadership Code,” wants to share his. Today on Indy Style, he does just that.

Paul, a Soccer Coach at Cathedral High School,  and legendary and NCAA Championship Soccer Coach Jerry Yeagley, will be in Bloomington on December 15th at the Barnes & Noble Store to sign the book, The Leadership Code.

“The Leadership Code” Book Signing

Friday, Barnes & Noble in Bloomington, 6-8 p.m.

About the Book

The conventional perception of a leader is someone who carries a certain status or holds a particular office: captain, coach or manager of a sports team, or CEO. Those positions certainly place people in leadership roles, but anyone in any position can be a leader. The Leadership Code explores that unconventional notion of personal leadership and blends it with the conventional perception by telling the journey of Paul “Whitey” Kapsalis, who grew into leadership roles in sports, business, and other areas of his life from his own experiences and through the observations of people he encountered on his path. He calls them exceptional everyday leaders.

The authors’ approach starts with philotimo–a Greek word that roughly translates to pride in doing the right thing, but encompasses a much broader philosophy akin to servant leadership. Philotimo reflects pride and motivation based in a humility that values others above oneself. It also begins with a commitment to yourself and a decision to be a leader who cares more about those around you and overall results than individual acclaim; a leader with heart.

In this concise book, you’ll read about the different places in life where leadership presents itself: in a family, in sports, and in business. In each of those instances, the authors emphasize that it doesn’t matter what place you occupy. What matters is how you occupy that place. That message is communicated by sharing Paul’s story, the stories of others, and the lessons they learned.

About the Authors

Paul Kapsalis is a sales representative in Indianapolis, IN, where he has successfully built a loyal customer base. Recognized in the Indianapolis Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40” list for positive contributions, he won the Indiana Youth Soccer Presidents Award in 2010 and the Indiana Sports Corporation Volunteer of the Year Award. Paul is also a youth minister and Eucharistic minister. As a soccer coach, he inspires participants to reach for their goals every day.

Ted Gregory is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter at the Chicago Tribune. In addition to his newspaper work, Ted is co-author of Our Black Year, a nonfiction account of an African-American family’s effort to patronize black-owned businesses exclusively for one year. He lives near Chicago, IL, with his wife and children.