Man accused of killing Ohio officers is on life support, sources say

WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — This Friday, Westerville police officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering will be laid to rest.

Currently, the man accused of gunning them down clings to life at The Ohio State University Hospital.

Contacts with Columbus Police Department say that Quentin Smith is on lock-down. That means an officer is posted outside of his door, and visitors are not allowed.

Smith, according to sources, suffered at least four guns shot wounds to his upper body and is on life-support.

When officers Morelli and Joering arrived at the Westerville townhouse Saturday afternoon, Columbus Police Department contacts say Quentin Smith opened fire. When a third Westerville officer arrived on the scene, the shooting, according to our contacts, was over.

According to a federal criminal complaint, agents say Smith used a .40 caliber, Glock, semi-automatic handgun, to kill officers Morelli and Joering. The gun, according to the complaint, was bought at Stonewall Gun Shop and Range in Broadview Hts., outside of Cleveland.

Federal agents say it was a straw purchase. The complaint states Smith provided Gerald Lawson with the money to buy the weapon last May, plus another $100.00 for his help. Smith did prison time for burglary and a gun conviction and is not allowed to possess firearms.

Lawson, of Warrensville Hts., is charged with providing Smith with the weapon.

According to the complaint, Smith and Lawson are longtime friends. Lawson, if convicted, faces up to ten years in prison.