Indianapolis drivers filed nearly 100 pothole claims since Jan. 1

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Drivers in Indianapolis are sharing the frustration over the potholes plaguing the city streets.

But, if hitting a pothole damages your car, the city government might give you money for it.

So far this year, the city has not paid out any claims for pothole damage — but it has 90 days to let you know if they will pay you. If you’ve filed to be reimbursed this year, you are just waiting on your answer.

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 15, 99 people filed claims for property damage because of potholes.

The form to do so is a one-page Notice of Tort Claim you fill out and send to the city.

Last year, 267 people filed claims, but the city paid out less than 10 percent of those claims. On average, those 25 people whose claims were paid got less than $500.

Car-repair shops are seeing the effects of the potholes, too.

“This year, right now, we’re a little bit above than what we were last year, but it’s more than it was last year,” said Dan Stumm, the manager of Harris Tire and Auto, 5425 N. Keystone Ave.

Stumm said pothole-related repairs can cost anywhere from $70 to several hundred dollars.

To get money from the city, the pothole you hit has to be one the city already knew about but hadn’t fixed. Potholes can be reported on the city’s website. There are a number of items to know about filing a claim, and that information is also available at