The Film Yap Reviews “Black Panther” and more

Check out what’s playing in theaters this week … and more with The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd.

Black Panther

A solid, good-looking but hardly game-changing entry to the Marvel Comics Universe. Chadwick Boseman shines as an African king who moonlights in a (mostly) indestructible cat suit.”


Early Man

Stop-motion animation king Aardman hits a rare stumble with this lumpy-headed tale of prehistoric cavemen vying with Bronze Age oppressors on the soccer field.”


The Insult

This excellent Oscar-nominated film from Lebanon examines the conflict between a Christian local and a Muslim Palestinian refugee, in which two proud men refuse to yield over trivialities.”



The Biblical strongman gets the faith-based studio adaptation, mixing Christian tenets with bulging-muscle action scenes.”



Julia Roberts is the mom of a disfigured boy (Jacob Tremblay) in this heartfelt, unabashed tear-jerker. Stream It.


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