Colts hold town hall event with fans

The Indianapolis Colts hosted a town hall with fans at the Scottish Rite Cathedral February 20, 2018 (WISH Photo/Jason Thompson)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —¬†Frank Reich has successfully completed week one as the Colts new head coach. He says so far, so good.

“Obviously talked to Andrew (Luck.) Texted back and forth with Adam (Vinatieri) a little bit. Just slowly and surely trying to connect with the players,” said Reich.

“Really excited to work with him. I like the things he had to say in the press conference. Just excited seeing his past and what he’s done. Excited to get to work,” said tight end Jack Doyle about his new coach.

The Frank Reich era is officially underway in Indianapolis, but a certain question remains: What is the status of Andrew Luck? The quarterback and new head coach feel optimistic about his status.

“In the middle of a little bit of throwing, but strengthening and preparing my shoulder to be able to handle the throw load that is part of being an NFL quarterback,” said Luck.

Luck spoke via FaceTime to update fans on his shoulder. Most importantly, he says additional surgery is not an option.

“It’s not an option for me right now. I feel very good about where I am. That (surgery) ship has sailed in my mind which is a bit of a relief,” said Luck.

“One thing you learn in this business is players know their body. They know how important it is to work hard, do everything possible not just for themselves but for their teammates,” Reich said. “I think that’s what drives players. Not just to get healthy for themselves, but the team is depending on them and I know Andrew is doing that.”

The Colts begin off season workouts in April. The Luck watch continues to see if he will partake in throwing by then.