Award-worthy snacks for your Oscar party

… And the winner is… YOU!

Today on Indy Style, Capital City Kitchen’s Valerie Vanderpool shares her “Oscar-worthy” snacks for your weekend party!

Oscar Party Finger Foods
Chef Tips – Tips on cooking with eggs
Segment 1 – Mini Mushroom, Asparagus + Goat Cheese Quiches (The Phantom Thread)
Segment 2 – Dark Chocolate Fondue with Smoked Sea Salt (The Darkest Hour)

(makes 24)
4 large eggs
2 cups heavy cream
8 oz. crumbled goat’s cheese
8 oz. crimini mushrooms, cooked in butter
8 oz. asparagus tips, cooked in butter
sea salt + fresh black pepper to taste

For Garnish:
snipped chives
Place oven rack on the middle slide. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place liners in muffin tin.
Mix eggs and cream until well-incorporated. Pour into a vessel with a spout.
Divide goat’s cheese, mushrooms + asparagus evenly into all of the liners.
Carefully pour the egg mixture on top of the fillings, until the liners are filled about ¾ of the way.
Season each one with a pinch of sea salt + fresh black pepper. Sprinkle each one with snipped chives.
Place the muffin tin on a sheet tray and place in the middle of the shelf and bake until the tops are puffed and just beginning
to brown, about 15 minutes. Turn out onto a plate to serve. Garnish with more snipped chives.

Dark Chocolate Fondue with Smoked Sea Salt (The Darkest Hour)
(serves 8-10)
1 cup heavy cream
8 oz. dark chocolate chips
1 Tablespoon cold butter
For Garnish:
Smoked Salt
For Dipping;
Kettle Chips

In a small sauce pan, pour 2” water and set over medium-high heat. Place a metal or glass bowl over the top of the pan to
create a double boiler.
Pour the cream into the bowl and let get warm. Add the chocolate chips and melt, gently stirring occasionally with a rubber
spatula or a wooden spoon. When the water begins to boil, turn the heat off.
Once the chocolate mixture is melted, gently whisk in the butter until it’s completely incorporated.
Pour into a warm bowl or fondue pot and sprinkle with the smoked salt. Artfully arrange the dipping items around and

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