Indy entrepreneur changing the way you serve beer

There’s a new way to sip beer, and Josh Springer of Bottoms Up, is here to let us in on the secret of his “Draft Beer Dispensing System,” the first-ever draft beer dispenser that fills beverages through the bottom of the cup.

Here’s more:

GrinOn Industries CEO, Josh Springer is the inventor and founder of Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System; The idea came to him in a day dream in early 2008 on the west coast in Washington State. Just four days later he had a functioning prototype in his garage and the rest is history.

The system immediately started selling itself and so he began GrinOn Industries; the name coming from the fact that Josh always has a smile on his face. GrinOn Industries started growing with the addition of Mike Price, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer and Josh and Mike set out to revolutionize the beer dispensing industry.

After some careful strategizing, GrinOn industries relocated to a 26,000+ square foot warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2011. This allowed GrinOn Industries to be more centrally located for logistics and distribution and ultimately allowing the company to grow at such a rapid rate. Not only has GrinOn Industries mastered the commercial Bottoms Up Dispenser but we have also developed a line of add-on products to enhance the consumer experience from personalized magnets, tap handle displays mobile carts jockey boxes the world’s first portable long draw , empty keg detectors , and home units.

Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is the most efficient beer dispensing system in the world. Made in the USA and on tap in 34 countries. Call 317-388-5100.

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