Monticello Police Department set to receive active-shooter kits

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) — A White County police force is on track to receive some new safety gear.

While an active shooter situation is unpredictable, the Monticello Police Department is staying ahead of the game and preparing for anything.

“We’re always looking for some type of gear for safety,” said Monticello Police Chief Randy Soliday.

Soliday said the department began looking into purchasing ballistic helmets a few months ago.

Thanks to help from city and community leaders, the department will soon receive a dozen new active-shooter kits.

“We had a unique opportunity, the department, to partner with the Rotary Club, the Monticello Council and our department, Soliday said. “And we all split the costs – each one of them paying a third for the kits.”

Each of the department’s officers will be equipped with a kit, consisting of ballistic helmets and shields. All together, the gear will come with a price tag of nearly $9,000.

Monticello Mayor Ken Houston said for a community the size of Monticello – collaboration is key.

“When you think about safety, I don’t think you can go too far,” Houston said. “So when this opportunity provided itself we said ‘Lets get on board with this, the council was ready to do this, rotary wanted to be a big part of this,’” Houston said.

Rotary Club member Peter Dyer said the organization felt the gear was a good investment.

“To keep them safe in the community and able to do their jobs safely, I think, is a great thing,” Dyer said.

Soliday said the kits will provide an added layer of protection.

“I’d rather have the kits here and the officers be able to utilize them then wish we had them if something would take place,” Soliday said.

“We want to put our officers out on the road in the best situation that we possibly can,” Houston said.

Soliday said the kits have been ordered, but he’s not sure when the department will receive them.

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