Numerous homes, cars shot at in NYE ‘celebrations’

Several homes and vehicles in an east side neighborhood were damaged in gunfire on New Year's Eve. (WISH Photo/Logan Skidmore)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An east side neighborhood is hoping for a quieter night after gunfire damaged multiple homes and cars early Sunday morning.

A homeowner says at least seven homes in the 800 block of North Oakland Avenue were damaged in that gunfire.

“They don’t care about nobody’s life,” said Betty Hill, whose house was shot at. “They should have more respect than that then to just have a damn shootout on a little tiny block like this.”

At least one bullet hit Hill’s home. The bullet traveled through the front porch, then through the exterior wall and landed in the living room where seven of her grandchildren were sleeping.

“They could take their war somewhere else. I mean, what’s the point?” she said.

Two cars also had their windows shot out. Shell casings were also in the street.

“Just a bunch of guys having a lot of fun. But it got carried away, obviously,” said Joseph Fultz, who lives on the street.

IMPD issued a warning earlier Saturday saying that shooting guns in the air or otherwise could be deadly and lead to jail time.

They said bullets shot in the air can fall at 500 feet per second, enough speed to penetrate the human skull.

“It’s just not safe to shoot off your guns New Year’s Eve or not. Somebody could still get hurt, innocently,” said Brandon O’Casio, who also lives on the street.

Kids were back playing at Hill’s home this afternoon, while she counts her holiday blessings.

“I’m just glad my grandkids weren’t up playing around in here because one of them could’ve been dead,” said Hill.

IMPD took numerous reports of shots fired at houses Saturday night.

No one was seriously injured.

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