FCC blocks 9 companies who provide low-income families cheap internet access

(WISH) – The nine companies who provide low-income families with cheap internet access have been blocked by the FCC.

The companies were using a service called the Lifeline Broadband Program.

The commission said it needs additional time to look into ways to prevent people from abusing the service. The service is meant to provide discounted phone and internet service for people in poorer communities, to allow them to access resources for jobs and education.

The nine companies that have been blocked include:

  • Spot On Networks LLC
  • Boomerang Wireless LLC
  • KonaTel Inc.
  • STS Media, Inc. (FreedomPop)
  • Applied Research Designs, Inc.
  • Kajeet Inc.
  • Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, LLC
  • Northland Cable Television, Inc.
  • Wabash Independent Networks, Inc. (WIN)

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