A perfect match: Indiana man finds kidney donor in unexpected way

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — More than 1,000 people in Indiana are waiting on a kidney donation.

This month one Central Indiana man received the life-saving kidney he needed. He only had to wait a few months for the surgery, but finding his donor was years in the making.

Last year, after a battle with kidney disease, Tim Foster found out he needed a new kidney.

“When the doctor came in and said ‘you are in kidney failure’ I was kind of devastated. Just in shock — you know. What do you mean kidney failure?” said Foster.

Foster said hundreds of people volunteered to be tested, but his son turned out to be the perfect match.

“He’s sacrificed for 25 years for me, so when I had this opportunity I knew this was my time to give back,” said Jared Foster, Tim’s son.

Though Jared was eager to help, Tim never expected his son to be the perfect donor.

“By the power of God, we did have the same blood. It’s remarkable. It’s amazing,” said Tim.

The test results shocked the Fosters, because it’s not Tim’s blood in Jared’s veins.

“They tried for years to have a child and they couldn’t. Then they were able to find me,” said Jared.

Tim and his wife Kim, adopted Jared when he was just a baby. The two desperately longed for a child, but little did they know someday Tim truly would not be able to live without Jared.

“God knew 25 years ago that the son that he’s giving us is going to be my donor. It’s amazing,” said Tim.

Tim gave Jared a chance at a life full of love and happiness. All these years later, Jared is returning the favor.

“To know that I could potentially be the reason why my dad lives the rest of his life, a good life, it was an honor to be able to do that for him,” said Jared.

Jared donated his healthy, 25-year-old kidney to his dad and now both are recovering at home. Jared is serving in the Marines and is based in North Carolina. He expects to be in Indianapolis recovering until mid-May.

“When I joined, they always talked about our brotherhood. I can honestly say over the past few months, the Marine Corps and our unit — they’ve completely stepped up and showed us what it means to be a marine and what it means to be by your brother’s side at all times, said Jared.

There are currently more than 1,300 people waiting on an organ transplant in Indiana, according to IU Health. IU Health performed 217 kidneys last year and 30 percent of those were from a living donor.

“A transplant that comes from a living kidney donor lasts about 20 percent longer than a transplant that comes from a deceased donor. With a living donor you can plan your surgery, get off of dialysis sooner than waiting for a deceased donor,” said Kelly Coffey, IU Health living donor coordinator.

Coffey said sometimes people donate kidneys to complete strangers. After surgery, the donor and recipient will likely stay in the hospital 2-3 days. Coffey said the recovery time is usually 3-6 weeks before patients can return to work.

To find out more about organ donation click watch the video below or click here

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