It’s National Pi Day!

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR MARIE CALLENDER'S - Marie Callender's shows the best of both worlds with a celebratory Pi Day fusion of math and dessert: Take a pie out of a 400° oven, walk to the counter at 3 mph, and slice 1/9 of the pie at a 40° angle. How quickly do you eat the pie? For more Pi Day inspiration, check out Marie Callender’s Facebook page. (Marie Callender via AP Images)

(WISH) – It’s National Pi Day! March 14 is the one day of the year to celebrate the mathematical constant π.

Pi lovers can celebrate the day with lots of pie!

According to, you can celebrate the day by doing the following:

  • Eating a slice of pie
  • Pie eating contests
  • Discussing the significance of the number π
  • More recently watching Life of Pi
  • Finding 3.14 deals in as many version of π as possible.  For example
    •  is offering 95 percent off the paperback of The Life of Pi.
    • Think pizza Pi as much as dessert kind of deals on this day!
    • Get punny Geeky Greek Pi inspired t-shirts deals.
    • Find these and more at

In addition, a Zionsville bakery is giving away free hand pies to celebrate. The bakery hopes when you pick up your free pie, you will give a small donation for The Caring Center, which helps fight food insecurity in Boone County.

My Sugar Pie is giving away 314 hand pies. That starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 10:30 a.m. or whenever they run out.

You can get your hands on either a cherry, apple or chocolate chip hand pie.

Everyone who comes will also get a free copy of this month’s Edible Indy magazine.

You can also join in the day by using the hashtag, #NationalPiDay to post on social media.

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