Whiteland woman uses her talents to help pay off overdue school lunch accounts

Whiteland woman uses her talents to help pay off overdue school lunch accounts. (WISH Photo/Brittany Lewis)

WHITELAND, Ind. (WISH) — A Whiteland woman is doing what she can to help hungry kids in central Indiana.

Janeene Hulman owns Vintage Farmhouse Tables and recently sold a table to raise money for overdue lunch accounts after her daughter told her there was a student at her school who didn’t always have lunch money, and didn’t want to eat the alternative lunch that was provided because he was embarrassed.

Hulman was just going to put some money into his account but then came up the idea to sell a table.

She posted on Facebook that she was selling a table at a discounted price with all of the money going to overdue food accounts. The post was shared more than 400 times.

A group of friends pooled their money together to buy the table and then drew a name out of a bowl to determine who would get it, according to Hulman.

The person whose name was picked then sold the table, doubling the amount of money that was raised.

In total, the sale of the table raised approximately $1,000.

“I love building the tables, but I’m glad that I could raise the money to do it. It’s just something they shouldn’t have to worry about, you know, when they’re hungry, they don’t think straight, it’s just something they shouldn’t have to think about,” she said.

The money was donated to two different school districts. Some of money covered what kids in Greenwood Community School Corporation owed and more than $600 went to Center Grove Community School Corporation students.

According to the district, that money helped 75 students, including 40 who pay reduced lunch fees.

Hulman says she is already working on her second lunch table.

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